Suzuki Camera Yokohama

If you ever visit Japan and like film photography, then this is the place to visit. I went for the first time today and I can’t believe I have not been there before.

It has a plethora of film choices, including loads of APS. They also stock refurbished cameras, junk items, books and general film gear. Plus they develop film in just over an hour.

Link to Google Maps

Oh and when I went to pick up my films I noticed this at the entrance…

Gatcha machines, random film for 500yen. Of course I tried…

Two films for 500yen, not too shabby. Definitely expired, but still….love this shop

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  1. Looks a wonderful shop. How much is 500 yen?
    When you get back to UK there are two shops you will enjoy I think: West Yorkshire Cameras in the Wool Exchange, Leeds, and the Bradford Camera Exchange in Bradford. Both have a good range of classics for sale but not as cheap as you can get them there I think. I’ve not seen expired film in either. On the other hand charity shops will provide good hunting grounds for you.
    Something great is that the Leeds shop has darkroom facilities for hire by the hour though I haven’t yet tried this. In fact I try to avoid both as I’ll be tempted. Yesterday, my first visit to Bradford for six months, I was tempted by a right angle magni finder for the Olympus OMs. I managed to resist.

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    • 500 yen is about £3.50ish depending on the exchange rate. I have been to both shops you mentioned. I preferred the one in Bradford, I found it a bit cheaper. I bought an Olympus om2 from there I think. I reviewed it so I can check later.

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      • I thought you might have been to both. The Bradford shop has recently began to devote two of the side windows to classics (mostly) and 2nd hand digitals (previously only one window, the rest being new digitals).
        ProAm, to the back of the shop, is where I get my C41s processed. They’ve put the price up but at £2.50 develop only, 35mm and 120, it’s still a good deal. Many (most?) of the second hand are being sold on commission so if you don’t like the price they will contact the owner to see if they will accept a lower offer.


  2. zOMG that place is incredible! Japan really is the place to be if you’re a film shooter.

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  3. Your posts remind me of my single trip to Japan, long before digitals existed. Also quite a while before the OM1 was introduced. So I was then using a Nikon F for my ‘photo journalism’, along with most of the real Press photographers. Among my greatest memories are a trip to Osaka on the original ‘bullet train’ only 4 years (I think) after it was introduced, taking a then new Honda round the Suzuka race track (then a Honda test track), a visit to the Nikon factory, being introduced to eating raw fish and tempura by a delightful Japanese young lady, and getting badly burned on a beach (with same young lady) in Suruga Bay (but I don’t remember which beach).

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  4. Wow! What a place. I must admit I was envious of you and your supply of bargain bin cameras before this. It this is incredible!


  5. Cool shop! Good old Yokohama!


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