A Few Thoughts.

The weather has cleared and I have had a chance to test quite a few cameras recently. My table has about six, and there are others lying around somewhere. Cameras are seeping out of my nooks and crannies. I have found a couple that I really love and feel eager to just stick with these ones. So I seem to be speeding through the not-so-great-but-worth-a-try ones.

Recently I read a great blog post about camera blogs and I realised if I post all the cameras I have tested recently at once then the few loyal readers I have might feel a little overwhelmed. Plus I have noticed when I do post a lot at once I get bored with typing or writing and turn into a ‘just get through it’ mode, there is more tech and less heart. But if I don’t write about them then I forget what I was feeling or thinking about while using the camera. And then it dawned on me…drafts, drafts. You can write the post, but not publish it…durh, simple.

It is strange to be thinking about readers. My reason for making this blog was for me, not readers. It was a way to remember the different cameras I tried, like a scrapbook or virtual photo album. It was also a way to improve my knowledge and skill, and to avoid flooding my Facebook feed with photos. Finally, it was a way to say what I wanted to say without driving all my none-camera-loving friends nuts..which I still do. And then came readers. Golly, people are reading what I write, how weird is that?

Gosh…better add a photo…Here readers, a present…me in an inflatable dinosaur on the Tokyo Subway….Halloween, ‘nough said.







6 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts.

    1. windswept007 says:

      I love writing blogs. I have 3 on the go and one already finished. I like endings. Finishing a book, a task, a goal. I am coming to the end of my journey here, but will start a new one. Film based, for sure. I have 4 drafts and about 10cameras to test so I will trickle along. 🙂


      1. Jim Grey says:

        Isn’t that interesting! I see a blog as a long open thread, rather than a story with a beginning and an end. I know all blogs eventually end; nothing is permanent.


      2. windswept007 says:

        It might come fro living in Korea and Japan. Their manga and tv shows tend to have a definite run lengths. I prefer that to shows that go on forever and ever and ever.


  1. yashicachris says:

    Great shot by the way… I notice you were given plenty of space on the train – not a common thing when we lived there. Carol should have tried the dinosaur costume to keep the gropers at bay!
    I believe a blog is a dynamic “thing” capable of assuming many shapes and can go in any direction “it” wants. I view my blog as a tree – I put it in the earth, keep it watered and feed it with some good fertilizer, prune it now and then and then stand back and watch it grow. To me readers aren’t the leaves on my tree – they’re more like fruit that you didn’t expect to get when you first planted the tree.
    We enjoy your blog very much and always get a kick out of your test photos. You’ve introduced us to some cameras that we wouldn’t have tried and shown us some cameras that we didn’t know existed.
    One of the most popular posts on our blog is the Yashica L AF test – both the one you did and the follow-up we did. It gets about 5 to 10 reads per day, everyday from readers around the world. Readers become friends and friends are your readers.

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    1. windswept007 says:

      That one is often at the top of my stats as well, along with a Ricoh point and shoot, I always find that surprising.


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