Pentax MZ-30 (ZX-30)

This camera was released in 2000 and you can find a plethora of technical details here. I was looking for a shorter focal length lens for a body I already. I found the lens attached to this body.

Even with the larger lens on, this camera felt fairly light, with the shorter lens on it was delightful to carry. The plastic body makes the camera light, but not as pleasant to hold. This site has loads of individual reviews of this camera, most say the camera is very easy to use and reliable. I agree it has everything you might need, including iso selection and double exposure. The only issue I had was with the body, the battery compartment door was really weak and the plastic there was already warped when I got it. I don’t feel this example’s door will last much longer.

I arranged a walk in a park looking for birds and nature for Earth Day this year. Unfortunately, I gave my Nikon Zoom lens to a friend to try out. That left me with no digital camera with a zoom. So I decided to take this camera with both lenses, a 28-80mm, and 80-210mm. With some fuji 100 film, these are the shots I got.

There are three shots practically the same as I thought the camera jammed, but it turned out it didn’t. But, wow look at the colours, I wish I didn’t like fujifilm so much. The fungus on the lens didn’t seem to affect the pictures. The camera focused really quickly and was spot on, even in the dappled light.

If you are interested in the area I went to it is Kitayama Park in the Sayama area of Saitama. It was a lovely day with great company. I completely forgot my lunch and thought there would be shop in the park, but there wasn’t. My friends shared their food, which was very kind, vegan food, perfect for Earth Day.

Keep or Sell: I am tempted to keep this one as I have the lenses now and don’t think I have kept a Pentax autofocus camera before. I prefer this camera to the SFX, due to the double exposure feature and the lightness, though I do know the SFX is a better camera. Each to their own I suppose.