01.08.2022 – 05.09.2022

This weekend I went to Blackpool with a couple of friends I met on a photo walk in Liverpool. I should stop saying that because they are friends now, with or without a previous walk. I can’t see us ever not being friends 🙂

Anyway, we went there to hang out, take photos, and see an exhibition by another friend, Dawn Mander. I wanted to give you a heads up about the exhibition as Dawn is a fantastic photographer and if you are in the area, the exhibition is well worth a visit.

Dawn has given me permission to post some details here, she is quite shy considering what a talented “pensioner” she is 😉 The title of the exhibition is very apt for her as she was very nervous about displaying her work so publicly and solo-ly.

As you can see the exhibition is on for a month, but if you can’t make it she does have some online galleries to peruse such as her Instagram and website, though it does seem like the latter has not been updated in a couple of years. There are some great photos of Blackpool during the pandemic on there.

There was a companion booklet available for the exhibition which I bought.

I didn’t take any photos of Dawn at the gallery/tearoom as right before I got there, I lost my wallet and had to rush around trying to find it. But I am intending on going back sometime to say hello and have another look.

Dawn also created a slideshow of some of the photos featured in the exhibit. You can see that below.

Told ya, awesome isn’t it? They look even more impressive printed and on the walls of Tea Amantes.

I have been on quite a few photo walks with Dawn and she is amazing to watch in action. As we walk, she is hopping from one thing to another, stopping as we walk to peer into shop windows to look for interesting chairs or reflections. She is a real tour de force of street photography, seeing things that I have barely registered.

Congratulations on the exhibition Dawn, here’s to the next.

9 thoughts on “‘STAGEFRIGHT’

  1. Roger B. says:

    Excellent work – thank you for sharing it, Peggy.
    To those who claim that geezers cannot take powerful photos … have a look.


  2. Louis C. says:

    Dawn has captured Blackpool street scenes perfectly , love the very last item in the slideshow.
    A special talent there.

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