Stuff I’ve Read – Saul Leiter

I was given a few random books recently and this was among them.

To be honest, I don’t know loads of photographers, probably more than someone who doesn’t like cameras though. Anyway, I did like this book. It is from a series of small affordable books called Photofile released by Thames and Hudson around 2008. Since getting this one I have ordered a few more that I found on ebay. One thing I did notice about the list of photographers featured, the lack of women. In my book there is a list of other books in the series and there were none. On the website I saw one, Sarah Moon plus a few anthologies.

Anyway, Saul Leiter’s book…I liked it 🙂 I loved his use of negative space, cropping and his way of shooting through things.

It inspired me to try my own “shooting through” recently.

Eyem did a “10 lessons” piece based on Saul. It would be a good challenge for a day out shooting. These books are perfect to take with you on a photowalk. They are small and light, but have good quality images to use as inspiration.

If you want to learn more about this photographer, have a look at his biography on the Saul Leiter Foundation website.

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