Photo Post: Olympus OM4 and Washi S

I have had this in my film box for a couple of years and couldn’t even remember if it was expired or not. So I really wanted to use it up. On my last try with this film I said I would use a camera with a built in light meter. So what better camera than the OM4 which has a multi-spot meter system. To be honest I had to read the manual again before this trip out. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly how to use it as the film was kind of experimental.

For the other washi film, I tried to shoot quite contrasty subjects. This time I aimed for more neutral subjects for some of the film. In the end I felt it just wasn’t working for me. Those shots where I took regular scenes just looked flat and underexposed. If I did buy some of this film again, I would stick to high contrast subjects.

Here are some of the results.

This shot is by far my favourite on the roll.

The sun was actually glaring on the front of the building, but it only really shows in the windows and a few bricks.

I think if I was visiting a city on a sunny day, this would be interesting film to use.

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  1. You found some good subjects for this film. Such a great look.

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  2. You have enough going shots here, it was a successful shoot.

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  3. Nice – an impressive “sooty” look! A bit harsh on yourself; really like this set – have to give the Washi a try

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