Moving on from here..

The latest post about the Mercury was the last in my draft folder and I now have only two new to me camera left to play with. After that any new camera reviews will depend on a number of factors, mainly covid and the amount of work I get. Plus I do want to move away from camera reviews and towards photo posts etc. I want to get to know a few cameras really well and do series or themes of photos. That was my plan at the beginning of the year. Reading that post again, I am pleased to say I have got the lens I wanted and had a couple of “jobs” with it. I made some more zines and books too.

I no longer sell items on eBay as I found it to be a little unreliable…as in I worry about being scammed. I much prefer to sell either through this blog or Facebook Marketplace. Right now if a camera has a * next to it on the post list it is for sale or swap, but a ^ means I could possible part with it, but it is unlikely unless I really like you ๐Ÿ™‚ ** see latest update.

So basically, the number of posts I will be making from now on will go down quite a lot, probably not even one a week. As I am working…sometimes, the country goes towards another lockdown and I have to ration my film, I cannot get out as much or spend money on cameras that might not work.

I have enjoyed doing the reviews and I have tried an awful lot of cameras. These days I rarely find cameras cheap enough for me to risk the purchase or that I haven’t tried before. If I do find a camera cheap enough it tends to be a point and shoot.

Anyway, let’s see what happens. At the end of the day, a break is as good as a rest.

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  1. w m says:

    A much-needed breather, sure. Keeping up a blog can be pretty demanding – and expensive – so a break from the treadmill of producing a one-person show is very welcome. Many of us will miss the more frequent performances, but that’ll just make new posts all the more enjoyable.

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