Photo Post: Olympus Pen FT

I took this camera on a camping trip recently. We went to a few different places. I have often said I don’t like half-frame cameras, but this one is amazing and perfect for this trip. Out of 72 shots, all came out. I chose more than I should for this post.

Ribblehead Viaduct


The Singing Tree

Ingleton Waterfall Walk

8 thoughts on “Photo Post: Olympus Pen FT

  1. Fab photos real character. I think half frame has a bit of a stigma. I wonder if early digital SLRs would have taken off quite so well had they been marketed as Half Frame sensors rather than apsc.

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    1. Yes, usually the canon software recognises a few double images as one and skips some altogether. So once the preview is done I then adjust the automatic selections.


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