Minolta Dynax 2xi

Another camera from the junk box and probably the one in the worst condition. I was surprised it turned on. The whole plastic hand grip was missing, with remnants still in the process of falling off.

It was produced from 1992 and was Minolta’s budget model. You can find all the technical details you need here. Saying that, on paper it has all the things you need in a camera. Oh, apart from information in the viewfinder, so you have no way of knowing what the camera chose on program mode. There is just a green dot if everything is ok and a couple of orange arrows if the exposure is under or over.

Going back to the handle issue, the whole camera feels very light and flimsy but not in a good way. Luckily the lens was also in the box, though I do have a 100-300mm Minolta lens. That lens wouldn’t be very convenient to use for regular day to day stuff.

Being so light and already in terrible condition I decided just to carry it around with me for a few days. I ended up taking it on a rainy walk to Folly Dolly Falls and to the garage while my car was being fixed. Surprisingly the camera performed really well. Here are a few photos from that roll.

I will use it every now and then until I drop it and it smashes into a million pieces, which it would as it already halfway there. Then, like a Honda Cub, it might still work. If you are looking for a cheap film camera and are not in the slightest bit pretentious, then this camera will serve you well.

Later, I covered the hand grip with some cut off leather which made it much more comfortable.

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  1. w m says:

    Hah! Love it, love the leather handgrip field-expediency-repair bodge; gives that Minolta the raffish look of a pirate with a leg carved from a whale bone, And it works! Arrrgghh!

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