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One of the last frivolous purchases I made was for 6 magazines from the Leica Fotografie series. I saw them on eBay and thought oooh, they will keep me busy during lockdown. Actually I have loads of things to read, so that wasn’t true at all. Basically I have a growing case of “Tsundoku“. But these were the complete set from 1969…my birth year.

I was going to scan a copy and put it on here for you, but then I researched the length of copyright for magazines. A few sites said 70 years, some said 95 year…either way it is not now. So I thought I would try to find some online to share.

That was when I found the app. You can buy all the other editions, all the way back to 1949 for a small fee of course.

Information here.

The blog featured on the free app also has lots of interesting articles and photos. Just to be clear, I am not getting anything from this plug. I just want to share a good website 🙂

I previously thought the latest edition was free…but no, must have been the whiskey eyes.

7 thoughts on “Leica Magazine

  1. David A Lockwood says:

    Leica and Kiev, two camera systems I have always wanted, the former cost and the latter reliability.
    Hay-ho one day I may take the plunge, especially a Leica III. Thanks for the link.


  2. fishyfisharcade says:

    Thanks for alerting me to the term “tsundoku”. It fits me to a tee and sounds far more intellectual than describing myself as “the Imelda Marcos of photo books”. 🙂


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