Graffiti and the Holga 135

I have already tried this camera, but I gave that one away ages ago and recently found this one for $3. There is a BC version which means black corners indicating more vignette. As you can see from my example photos below, the original camera already has quite a lot of vignetting.

I was quite excited to try this camera again as every 120 Holga I have tried has had pleasing results. I didn’t really give this one a chance when I first tried it, but my opinion of fantastic plastics has changed since then.

As I was going to London for the 100 heroines exhibition, I decided to take some time to try this camera in an area I have not visited before. I did a web search for places to see in London if you have already seen the top tourist spots. Shoreditch came up as a choice. For fun I thought I would try to capture the graffiti around the area with a black and white film. I loaded a Fomapan 100 with the intention of push processing it to 400. I thought that might add a bit of grain and show off the vignetting.

I absolutely loved my day in Shoreditch, an area I had not even thought to visit before. Everywhere I looked there was something else to see. Using the Holga was easy and the resulting photos are by far my favourite series of photos that I have completed recently. I have already put another film in the camera, a colour one this time. Where shall I take it?

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  1. I like the results you got from the Holga, and I’m surprised how sharp the images turn out. The graffiti in B&W looks really nice.


  2. i just got a Holga 120CFN and you are inspiring me with these… 🙂

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  3. Nice set of photos, it suits your style. As for your next colour roll, if you haven’t already shot it, try some place high(shouldn’t be difficult where you live) and do a few landscape sunsets. I have a feeling it will lend itself well.

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  4. Plus, don’t think it’s something you’d normally photograph from what I’ve seen …. So stretch you a little


  5. I am really impressed with your Fomapan images; I really struggle with that film and almost dread putting it into my camera (which I have to do to use the stock I have). I find it comes out extremely grainy and with harsh contrast but your’s are much more even and smooth; is that just because you ran it at 400?


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