Yashica TL Electro X

I originally saw this camera on a friend’s blog and thought, that looks cool. Then I saw one for sale on eBay with the original manual included. I ordered it but then had to wait six months to actually try it out.

This version was very clean and the battery check button lit up, but the actual lights inside only worked intermittently. Therefore I had little guidance on whether the camera was on the right settings. In the end, I reverted to using a light meter.

According to my friend’s blog and this one, it was the first with an electronic shutter speed control. It is pretty heavy, especially as I had just tried the Pentax ME Super, which is tiny by comparison.


The 1.7f lens was very useful when I took it out on a dull day to Brimham rocks….

Ok, I have just written another camera and I took this one to the same place. I think I may have got the photos mixed up, but I am sure I took this one to Middleton Hall which is the only way I can tell the photos apart. When I get back to the UK I will try them both again and change the photos just to be absolutely sure. For now, I think these are the photos from this camera.

These are the ones from Brimham Rocks.

And these are the ones from Middleton Hall.

I think I got the photos matched to the right camera???

Keep or Sell: I liked both cameras. They both worked and both produced lovely images, but I didn’t want or need both. I decided to keep the Practika for now. Sold.

4 thoughts on “Yashica TL Electro X

  1. I had a non-X TL Electro for a while with a dead meter, so I gave it away without ever shooting it. I kind of regret it. I keep sort of looking for a TL Electro, X or not, just to experience it. The photos you got say it will be worth continuing to look.


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