Canon EOS 650

I wanted another Canon to try out the lens I got for a previous camera that I tried. This one looked clean and simple. When I found out it was the first Canon EOS, I was very pleased. It was first produced in 1987 and was discontinued two years later.

According to the website I linked to, this was the camera on which the first photos uploaded to the world wide web was taken on. I feel like keeping this just for that fact. But, oh it is heavy. This site says chunky, clunky, and funky…I like that, it is so true..and maybe matches me too. It is so simple to use. There is a dial to turn from lock to auto or even remote, which I do not have. There is another wheel to change the mode or items within the mode, such as aperture. I found the autofocus was a little slow and random at times, but acceptable. This reviewer found the same.

So did it work? Yes, it did and I have to say I really liked using it. Here is my test roll of Kentmere 400 taken around Tokyo and Saitama.

As with the last post, I think I need to change my chemicals. BUT, I like the photos, I liked using the camera. I did not like the weight.

Keep or Sell: Sold. I prefer the Nikon F90x if I am going to keep a weighty auto SLR.


5 thoughts on “Canon EOS 650

    1. windswept007 says:

      And I like your site of course, hence the link to it 🙂 Your review was really fun to read. I think we had the same issues, especially the autofocus.


  1. Richard Lewis says:

    Ha. Sadly it’s not my site, but they used to encourage people to send in reviews of cameras. Unfortunately these days have t seems they’ll only publish a review if it’s of a Lomography product. After my 650 expired, I started using a Canon EOS 1000f. It was much lighter and had more features, but I almost missed the clunkiness of the 650.

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